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Christmas Shopping

I am advertising from our home business. If this is not allowed, I would be happy to remove it.

There are roughly 79 days until Christmas...

With that being said I'd like to show you all something really really neat. And you'd be helping my family out ALOT by doing this for us ;).

It's called Ribbon Gift of Choice. What you do it pick out a "collection" and you buy a gift card. The person you're giving the gift card to goes online and picks out a special gift of their choice with your gift card. It's a simple and easy way to buy things for those that are hard to shop for or "have everything". If the person you're thinking of does not have online access you can simply purchase the card with a booklet of the items available for no extra charge. Easy!

Please visit HERE for all the collections and even more information!
*When on the website click on view the collection showcase to see the items available for each collection.

Brides + Grooms 2 Be

This is a place to share our wedding planning, activities, ideas and advice. All are welcome. There is only one rule. You must have a wedding in October of 2007. No other month or year please! Feel free to share. Pictures are welcome, but please have respect for those of us on dial up and put your picture under a LJ-Cut. Thank you. Also feel free to comment on something another person has posted. Crude remarks will get you banned! But most of all, please come, join and enjoy this community. Welcome!


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