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Anyone else getting married today?

The last day of October 07 weddings! I don't know that I've posted before, but I've spent plenty of time reading the entires.

Today's my wedding. Halloween. It's in my soon-to-be FIL's backyard, which has been set up like a graveyard. The inside is decorated in creepy Halloween fashion. I'm wearing a black and silver dress, black veil, and carrying black and purple silk flowers. My fiance is coming out as The Undertaker, complete with the theme music.

I'm trying to shove some food down my throat so I don't pass out....and I'm about to start getting ready. I'm freaking out! And when I freak out, I watch TV and go online. Guess I better step away from the computer now haha
I'm MARRIED!! Our wedding was October 6 and all was wonderful. Just one horror story...as you all know, I had to fire my MOH and did it on the Wednesday...2 days before the wedding. Would you believe she showed up?? And, get this, wore the dress! :p Wouldn't actually make eye contact with me and even showed up to the reception (which was a couple of hours later)...here's the true horror...she was just sitting there all night and I still wanted to give her the gift I had for her (uh, thanks for the attempt?)...I get her to join me out in the parking lot, around the corner and give it to her....it turns into a screaming match!! She STILL didn't get it!! Made it seem like I was a big 'ol bitch and didn't hear a word I said along the lines of "you were NEVER there and obviously don't care!"....didn't catch on at all....honestly, it was ugly. Had I not been in a wedding dress, it easily would have gotten uglier. Anyway, a final blow up and then I stormed away before I totally lost it (ahem...on my wedding day)....she FINALLY left and I went back inside to continue enjoying MY DAY. Sheesh.

Anyway, the day itself was WONDERFUL!! I don't have pictures yet, but I'm bouncing with excitement to get them. The place looked amazing, all the hand made stuff I did with my friends, everything. My favorite part was the ceremony. Gone and over with all too quickly, I loved every single second of it. I was SO happy to have my best friend of 22 years standing up with me and I made everyone laugh during the vows with my actions, it was great and I keep reliving the ceremony over and over again in my mind. My NEW HUSBAND and I talk of it often....*sigh*....can't wait for pics!!

GOOD LUCK to all the future brides!! And one more thing...I was at a baby shower yesterday and there was a girl there who just got engaged....I congratulated her but inside all I could think about was "Damn...I am SO glad I'm not you!!" lol....I'm sure you all understand :p

Once again, all the best to you and its true what they say, ENJOY YOUR DAY!! Its all a blur when its all over...

Colorado Rockies

So, I was just wondering if there were any other Colorado brides/grooms out there who will be getting hitched amongst the World Series Fever (my wedding is the 28th...if it all goes well, the Rockies could actually WIN the world series that day...in Denver.)

I am excited (though not a baseball fan) but kind of stressed. Changes how things will go around the weekend (like, our rehearsal luncheon will be at Dave & Busters - yeah, noisy on a good day....sigh)

eyelash extensions

Someone had asked me about eyelash extensions. For anyone who has some interest in them for your wedding or other occasion, here's my experience with them thus far. 

Got them applied yesterday. It took a little over 2 hours. My esthetician seemed to know what she was doing, had a gentle touch, the only uncomfortable parts were when she first tinted my lashes and a little of the tint got in my eye as we were rinsing it off (it stings), and when she had to comb through some of the lash adhesive as it was drying and it tugged pretty hard on my real lashes for a moment, I think one actually got pulled out. But otherwise, you just lie there with a small piece of medical tape over your lower lashes to keep them out of the way, and have your eyes closed for a couple hours. The result is pretty natural looking, for having unnaturally-long lashes. They are really huge and glamorous and I've spent lots of time fluttering them in the mirror and admiring my now-killer eye profile. But unlike false eyelashes, there's not that strip at the base, and there's not a double lash layer that also belies false lashes. Because the extension are attached to your natural lashes, it really is difficult to tell where a real one ends and the fakers begin. The biggest downside so far are that there is some clumping at the base where the adhesive is, and that took a few hours to get used to (you can sort of feel it like when you get an eye crusty) - but it's less visible than what it feels like and I'm getting used to it now. The ends of the lashes are still combed out & pretty, and at slightly differing lengths, like natural lashes. 

I didn't tell my FH that I was getting the extensions to see if he'd notice, and he has yet to say anything. A colleague at the office commented first this morning on how great my eyes looked today. Whether that was because I couldn't help but be inspired to play them up with a little more makeup than usual, or whether it was solely because of the lashes, I'm not sure. When I pointed them out to her she had to come closer to really see that they were different, and said she couldn't believe how real they look. They sure feel pretty as they flutter about. 

Another issue is that the esthetician said they will only last 2-3 weeks, not 2-3 months as I had read in a magazine. You are supposed to get "fill in's" every 2-3 weeks for $75 a pop. There's no way I'd regularly spend $100-150/month on my eyelashes, but I'm glad to have them for the wedding & honeymoon. But if I hadn't got them during a promotion for $99, and had to pay the normal price of $200-300 (depending on which of the 2 salons I found in here Detroit that offers them), I probably would have passed. 

Hope this info was helpful to someone out there! :-)

wedding songs....

are any of you making a cd of music for your dj to play?

what are your first dance songs?
entrance songs?
cake cutting songs?

People AMAZE me.

I guess this is bad karma for me complaining about that one couple bringing their kid:

We invited all of Aaron's dad's aunts and uncles to the wedding. One couple called his mom last night to RSVP (late, but whatever).

The two of them were invited. "Mr. and Mrs. Guest"

They RSVP'd that there would be NINE of them coming.

They not only are bringing their (ADULT) children, but also tTHOSE children's spouses AND THEIR KIDS, TOO.

I don't even have the capacity of imagination to try to understand that kind of audacity when the invitation was address to TWO PEOPLE.

Aaron's mom said she didn't know what to say to the woman, not that I can blame her at all... that kind of thing would take anyone by surprise. And it's not like we don't have the space or anything, but I tried really hard to keep this in the budget his parents gave us. And I can't control that kind of thing, or her not telling them NO. Now she's worried about other people's family members that weren't invited and may feel shafted by seeing this HUGE family there when in most other cases we only invited couples. I told Aaron's mom to just blame me-- tell them I'm a horrible person and only invited half of the people on her list or something. Doubt we will see these people again anytime soon, so if I have to look like a bitch to keep her from freaking out about it, oh well.
So I'm pretty sure my Mom-In-Law is totally bailling out on letting us hold the reception there...need I remind you, my day is 10-13 AND of course invites are sent, plane tickets bought, hotels booked, cake delivery (and set up) arrangements made and paid for...I'm pretty screwed. And the absolute kicker? My hubby (her son) is blaming ME! He said that I didn't call her. Excuse me? He is her kid, he should call her, if it was my Mom I would've. On top of that, she's the one who offered to host it there. I wanted it in a hotel or even a nice hall somewhere. SHE offered. HE accepted. Now she says she can't do it in a week? Please...I'm doing all the work. I'm tired of getting blamed and told "you need to do..." I AM DOING EVERYTHING THING FOR THIS RECEPTION EXCEPT MAKE THE FOOD AND CAKE!!! DAMN DAMN DAMN Never depend on a man. *sigh*

-I am 3 months pregnant and just not in the mood anymore. I'm soo worn out and tired. Hubby doesn't get it. I'm tired of doing it all myself. It's mostly his family and friends that will be there, since my family lives far away and my friends are almost all attending out of state colleges. I need help. *smacks self* It'll never happen...

Oct. 4th, 2007

I had never made a slideshow on a computer before. But I have now. My fiance is a total computer geek and he knows how to do it no problem. Somehow, it was still left to me. It took me 3 days and a few sleepless nights... also 3 different programs... but it's done now. Roman and I were up until 5am last night just getting it to work on his laptop and projector. It was skipping. The computer needed to be defraged and now it works perfectly. We are leaving town to go to my aunt's cuz that's closer to where we're getting married. We're getting married on Saturday at 3pm. I'll post pics and fun stuff when it's all over! Congrats and good luck to the other couples getting married this weekend! I hope everything goes well for you!

Countdown begins

So starting today, I have 30 more days till my wedding. So I figured I would post a little about my wedding, what I have done, and what I'm doing myself.

Ummm...well the wedding must go on...

So. Michigan's legislature failed to come to an agreement on our state's budget crisis last night, and it looks as if a government shut down is inevitable this Monday. All but essential services will be shut down - and if this gives you any idea of how vast of an impact this is, our Secretary of State offices (DMV to you in other states) are apparently considered nonessential and will be shut down -- those with expired plates, license, etc., no driving for you! (And that possibly includes me, because mine expire at the end of October.)  

I haven't been able to determine yet whether that includes county services yet or not. I hope not, because  we haven't got our marriage license yet. I plan to go apply for it tomorrow, but it takes 3 business days to process, so it wouldn't be ready to pick until Tuesday next week, assuming the office is not shut down. If it is shut down? Uh-oh. I'm chagrined that the potential impact of this shut down is just occuring to me now. I still thought we had plenty of time to get the license - it wasn't anywhere near the top of my wedding worries.

I'm not panicked - yet - but this is an unwelcome, yet interesting, issue to face just a few weeks before our wedding! 

Any other bride-to-be's out there from Michigan and have any more insight on this?

Guess if the offices shut down, my FH and I will just need to have a second quickie ceremony after the honeymoon to make us legit. :)


Name: Holly Ann
Age: 24
Fiancé's name: Alex
Fiancé's age: 22
Role in wedding: Bride
Location of wedding: Scottdale PA
Wedding date: 10/31
Why did you pick this day?:We love halloween and gothyness
Wedding details (theme, size, formality, etc.): Victorian theme, small size, casual formality
How you met: online through a mutual friend
Was it "love" at first sight?: yes
What do you love MOST about your fiancé: how he can make me laugh
Do you have a wedding journal/website?: yes
Anything else?
Pictures: (please post behind a cut!)


So one of our groomsmen advised us yesturday that he still hasnt been fitted and he lost his job so he's unable to make it up for our wedding...

while we should be freaking out BIG TIME we arent really.

we are just having a hard time finding someone to fill in.

we asked his dad, he said no, because "generally the father isnt part of the ceremony" which is a load of crap ive seen wedding where the mother is used as best man and maid of honor so...that kind of made me angry that he said no.
but whatever...........

so we were thinking of not worrying about finding another groomsmen but finding a way to still keep the extra bridesmaid in.
we dont want to cut her out because for one shes the the grooms sister, for 2 she actually asked to be in the wedding from the day he proposed.
so we would feel HORRIBLE cutting her out.

any ideas of what we can do?  will it look funny if we have the one bridesmaid by herself?

*i should probobly mention we only have 1 bridesmaid the maid of honor and the best man.....we were trying to keep it small...*

Brides + Grooms 2 Be

This is a place to share our wedding planning, activities, ideas and advice. All are welcome. There is only one rule. You must have a wedding in October of 2007. No other month or year please! Feel free to share. Pictures are welcome, but please have respect for those of us on dial up and put your picture under a LJ-Cut. Thank you. Also feel free to comment on something another person has posted. Crude remarks will get you banned! But most of all, please come, join and enjoy this community. Welcome!


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