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Happy Anniversary!

Hello fellow Anniversariers!

Dave and I will celebrate 2 years of wedded bliss on October 20th. To celebrate we are taking a road trip vacation from our home near Detroit down to Washington DC, Colonial Williamsburg, Jamestown, Yorktown, and maybe Philly if we can fit it in. Being married has been wonderful -  for all the warnings about how difficult marriage is, so far we've been lucky to slide into ours very fluidly. (Knock on wood!)   I just finished grad school last month so now I can think about kids... we plan to start trying early next year. :-)

Congrats to everyone out there! I hope everyone is happy, loved, and in love!
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Happy Anniversary, everyone!

We celebrated two years on Tuesday, and our daughter turned two months on the same day! (the 6th was good for us ;-) )

In the last month we've changed jobs, sold a house, decided to build a house and moved. It's been a little crazy, but we're enjoying every minute of it!
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Almost two years

For our first anniversary -- my husband kind of spaced it, and was away in Houston (we live in Aurora CO) working -- so I took my time off, and went down to Houston for our anniversary. He worked, I hit the used book stores, and we had a nice dinner together.

This year, as our date is the 28th...we will both be working, but we have a Halloween party scheduled for the 30th! YEAH!!

hope all is well with the other Oct 07 folks!!

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Ah!  Totally forgot about this group!  :p  My husband and I just celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary yesterday :-)  Family plans are in the works for next year.  We're still in an apartment, and are planning on a house for June 2010.  How is everyone else?
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The community hasn't been touched in almost a year...

But since it's many of us are still married? Divorced? Seperated? Expecting? know...all the goodies?

You may comment here or better yet, post an update to the community ;)


So today is our first anniversary. We both have off from work, and the day has been spent playing xbox and cuddling with our pug puppy. We couldn't do anything big like go out of town because of said puppy (money all goes to him right now, otherwise we would've taken him on a trip with us!), but we are going out to dinner in a bit and then hubby has something planned downtown tonight, but won't tell me what it is!!

What did all of you do on your anniversaries??
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Anniversary ♥

There hasn't been any activity in here at all lately, which is not how I wanted this to go ;(. I'm not sure if any of you are still members or "watching" this community, but I hope so. Any ideas on bringing this back to life?

It's been a year for some of you and soon to be for the rest of us.

So here goes...
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Poll #1273506 October 2007 Weddings

On Your Anniversary You Were/Will Be

Practically newlyweds
Happily married
Regretfully married

Or other (please explain)

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Wedding Pictures

We were married October 6th in Iowa, it was a perfect day!

We were married in my hometown church, which is where my parents were married 30 years before! We had our reception in the same place too.

Some of my favorite pictures are behind the cut. (There are a lot, but it's hard to choose!)
Congratulations to all my fellow October 07 brides!

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