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Hudson Valley Wedding, 10/7/07

So, since I have the day off today, and nothing much is going on, I suppose I'll do a very very overdue wedding post. Under the cut, theres lots (we're talking over 100) of pics & lots of words. Enjoy!

HJ (133 of 1989)

the day started out with me, dara & christina waking up at our hotel, rolling out of bed, showering & heading over at 9am to the salon. we had a great stylist - Jen, who normally cuts my hair. she had laid out a delicious breakfast for us, including bagels, cream cheese, danishes, and mimosas. yum!

Mom, Dara & Christina at the salon
My mom, my sister Dara (MOH), and Christina (bridesmaid) occupying themselves at the salon.

Knittin, of course
and Lauren (bridesmaid) occupying herself. what's a get-together with friends without some knitting?

My mother has insane hair
my mom getting her hair done. you can see how short the hair on the top is. remember, she had brain surgery just 6 months ago!

Painting nails is serious business
after i was done with my hair, i painted Ava's nails. cutest flower girl of life.

makeup is funny
getting my makeup done.

gorgeous ring, delicious mimosas

Ava being a cutie
Ava hanging out on the window ledge, watching me get my makeup done. she loves these girly things.

Then, after the salon, I went back to the hotel with Rachel and Dara to get dressed. Christina & Lauren came over after, they hadn't finished getting their hair done yet. Man, it was a crunch for time... we were running really late. But it all worked out. :D

My bouquet. <3
OMG GORGEOUS. i love my bouquet. I absolutely squealed & jumped around a bit when i opened the box.

Invite w/my bouquet 2
Our gorgeous invitations with my gorgeous bouquet.

My gorgeous shoes
My shoes. I bought these at DSW on SUPER SALE, and they were a PERFECT match to my dress. I didn't even have a fabric sample with me! amazing!

Nearly done!
Getting zipped up by Dara & Rachel.

I love the excitement captured in this picture. Rachel is adorable.

Bronzer is a bride&apos;s best friend.
Bronzer time! I had tan lines & tried to cover them as best I could.

Ooooh, tiara
My tiara was a) Gorgeous, and b) purchased 3 days before the wedding. Along with my veil. ha!

Smile, smile
Happy Bride!

Christina & Lauren arrive, and there is a mad scramble to get everyone ready.

Pretty bows, pretty ladies.
Scramble, scramble

And in the middle of all the scrambling, Christina gets a phone call. She answers, says, "WHAT? You're LOCKED OUT?" So, turned out Jason & the groomsmen, and my musicians were locked out of the synagogue.

WHAT?! you are LOCKED OUT of the Temple?
I promptly call the rabbi.

Jamie, the smoother-over. <3 and Ava, the cutie.
And then I get angry. And Jamie (Ava the flower girl's mom) calms me down. She was awesome - checked us out of the hotel, got the limo dude over to where he needed to be to pick us up... awesome.

Told you! Edible!
God, i adore this kid.

Once everything was straightened out (the rabbi was nearly at the temple & let them all in), the girls & i piled into the limo for the ride to the temple.

omgz i iz gettin MARRIED
Walking from the limo to the synagogue via the super secret entrance.

The ladies chatting up the groom pre-ceremony
Lauren, Rachel, Ava, Dara & Jason chatting it up before the Ketubah signing.

We had the Ketubah signing before the ceremony. This is where, in a Jewish wedding, the bride & groom are actually married. After signing the ketubah, we're husband and wife. We chose two witnesses that are really special to us - my Aunt Janice, and his Uncle Jeff. Only our parents, witnesses, and bridal party were involved in this.

HJ (3 of 1989)
First seeing each other. xoxo

HJ (4 of 1989)
Jason marvelling at my tiara. heh

HJ (587 of 1989)
The rabbi explaining to everyone about the ketubah signing.

HJ (11 of 1989)
My sister signing our marriage license, and Tim waiting to.

HJ (12 of 1989)
Rabbi reading our ketubah.

HJ (13 of 1989)
Signing it!

HJ (23 of 1989)
Ha! Married!

HJ (26 of 1989)
I designed, printed, and hand-stamped Every. Single. One. of these.

HJ (27 of 1989)
Ava waiting to walk down the aisle.

And the ceremony starts...
Music: bridal party & jason's procession was "To Know Him Is To Love Him," by the Beatles, and my procession was "And I Love Her" by the Beatles. We had 2 local college kids do it, and it was great (and a lot less expensive than professionals!)

HJ (28 of 1989)
Jason's Aunt Jane, and our friend Andy. they were two of our huppa holders. (the huppa is the wedding canopy)

HJ (29 of 1989)
Our other two huppa holders - Jay's cousins Zach and Sam.

HJ (30 of 1989)
Rachel & Atticus

HJ (31 of 1989)
Christina & my cousin Paul

...for some reason, i don't have a picture of lauren & rich. huh.

HJ (34 of 1989)
Dara & Tim, the best woman & man. ;)

HJ (35 of 1989)
The kiddos - Jay's cousin Nicholas, Ava, and Jay's cousin Martin.

HJ (39 of 1989)
Jay walking down with his parents. The folks on the left, in the pews, are the kids i used to nanny for & their parents.

HJ (41 of 1989)
Jason waiting for me to walk down..

HJ (47 of 1989)
and here I am. my parents are no longer married. they are the most opposite that they can be. can you tell? haha

HJ (51 of 1989)
haha i love this picture. there's my uncle, on one knee, doing his best to play Videographer. jason actually got me a videographer as a wedding gift, but she backed out 2 days before the wedding. wtf.

HJ (56 of 1989)
Circling. Generally, in a Jewish wedding, there is circling. we each circled the other once, and then circled once together. It symbolizes starting a home & family together, basically.

HJ (64 of 1989)
And here is us circling together. Jason kept getting tangled in my train, and i kept having to kick it behind me. hilarious.

HJ (66 of 1989)
and my sister, getting my train squared away. she had to fix it like, 3 or 4 times. hilarious, as well.

HJ (70 of 1989)

HJ (508 of 1989)
We also shared 2 cups of wine. This particular Kiddish cup (a ceremonial jewish cup for wine) belonged to my great-grandparents. It was brought over from Germany when they escaped the Nazis. It also, for the record, leaks.

HJ (514 of 1989)
Exchanging rings. Jews put the rings on the index finger. I was confused by this, and confirmed it with the rabbi in the middle of the ceremony. Sometimes I just don't think. haha

HJ (516 of 1989)
Jay's parents. AMAZING MUSTACHE!!!

HJ (85 of 1989)
Luke, Ava's brother, rolling in the aisle.

HJ (88 of 1989)
Jason's Aunt Deb reading one of 7 blessings. We had 7 different important folks in our lives read the 7 jewish wedding blessings.

HJ (94 of 1989)
Second cup of wine (and it doesn't leak!!!). I got this for my Bat Mitzvah when i was 13.

HJ (103 of 1989)

HJ (107 of 1989)
He broke the glass! Mazel Tov!!

HJ (109 of 1989)
and we're done!!

HJ (119 of 1989)
Walking down the hallway to Yichud (seclusion). It's traditional for a newly married couple to take a few minutes to themselves after the ceremony, to just talk & reflect. <3

HJ (126 of 1989)
Andy. haha. i love this photo.

HJ (134 of 1989)
Atticus wouldn't be Atticus without this hat....

HJ (135 of 1989)
And Tim wouldn't be Tim without some sunglasses.

After the ceremony, we headed over to Dressel Farms in New Paltz, which is owned by Tim's (best man) family. They have an AMAZING view of the Shawangunk Ridge from the farm, so we went to take advantage of that.

HJ (140 of 1989)

HJ (152 of 1989)
Jay & his parents. I love his smile in this picture. <3

HJ (159 of 1989)

HJ (158 of 1989)
Luke again. adorableness.

HJ (164 of 1989)
My mom, dara, me, jay, & my dad

HJ (169 of 1989)

HJ (175 of 1989)
me & my mom

HJ (184 of 1989)
the ladies

HJ (190 of 1989)
the guys

HJ (199 of 1989)
i love this photo. oh, and btw, i knit his yarlmuke

HJ (205 of 1989)

HJ (207 of 1989)
some of you will remember the boob-grab shot from our engagement session. this is the wedding day version. haha. i would love to have a 3-part frame that included the engagement session shot, the after shot of that, and then this shot. hilarious.

HJ (218 of 1989)
kissin by the farm stand

then we all hopped back into the limo & headed down to the reception. thankfully, our limo driver got the news that the NYS thruway had closed down because of an accident. we ended up taking twisty, turny back roads to get there.

HJ (227 of 1989)
touch-ups are important.

HJ (228 of 1989)
the ballroom all decorated, before any guests came in.

HJ (229 of 1989)
gorgeous cake!

HJ (234 of 1989)
a good view of our centerpieces. i glued every. single. ribbon. onto those votives on the table. and christina made all the tablerunners. and the apples were from Dressel Farms. amazing! all either handmade or local. <3

HJ (239 of 1989)
obviously i can't get enough of this child. i love her toes in this pic.

HJ (247 of 1989)
me & the kiddos i used to nanny for. SO CUTE OMGZ.

HJ (272 of 1989)
so, since there was inexplicably no picture of lauren & rich at the ceremony, here they are now.

HJ (289 of 1989)
first dance. <3 it was "chasing cars" by snow patrol.

HJ (309 of 1989)
i had to make this one big. look how many people were on the dance floor for the Hora!!! jewish weddings are fun.

HJ (313 of 1989)
they are also terrifying. the folks holding my chair were holding it at different levels. so on my left side, it was really low, and on my right side, it was really high. i was slipping off, and it was horrible.

HJ (335 of 1989)
my sister toasting us. tim was sweating bullets, he was so nervous.

HJ (345 of 1989)
so, the best man tells this looooooooong story in his speech about how they used to go & steal road signs when they were in high school. i was wondering where in the world it was going... and then he presented us with this. HILARIOUS OMGZ.

HJ (357 of 1989)
dancing with Kyle (kiddo i nannied) to Thriller. we used to dance like this all the time in the kitchen. man, i miss that kid.

HJ (360 of 1989)
ava dancing with one of my cousin's kids. SO CUTE.

HJ (364 of 1989)
Jay dancing with Ryan, the other twin i used to nanny.

HJ (385 of 1989)
i think this is the best picture of kristin ever taken.

HJ (380 of 1989)
Meaghan & Greg... apparently these two got engaged the day before our wedding! yay!! i'm super happy for them.

HJ (398 of 1989)
remember our cake topper? remember how it was sitting on the edge of the cake? i guess it got too warm in there or something, because it ended up sliding down the cake like it was sledding. hilarious. everyone was freaking out, and jay and i were like, "whatever, just turn it around."

HJ (408 of 1989)
our favors were caramel apples. we ordered Moo Cards for our tags, and they were a big hit.

HJ (448 of 1989)
our cake was SO GOOD. this is what it was: a layer of vanilla cake, a layer of chocolate mousse, a layer of cheesecake, and a layer of chocolate cake. OMG.

HJ (450 of 1989)
i got jay these cufflinks for the wedding. they're made out of a 1930's typewriter keys. <3

HJ (477 of 1989)
my family takes the Electric Slide seriously.

HJ (478 of 1989)
last dance.

and that's it for the pictures! omg! so many pictures!

as for the other stuff, here we go:

Photographer: Sara Jacobsen
DJ: Gary Manheim
Florist: The Orchid Shoppe
Limo: Adriano Limousine
Hair: Le Shag Salon
Reception hall: Inncredible Caterers, Chalet on the Hudson

I LOVED our photographer. she was great - really interacted with our guests, got a real sense of what Jay & I wanted, and took really great pictures.

Our DJ was a freakin JOKE. we were really specific with what we wanted - i made up a rough playlist so he could get a sense of what we were into. well, he got NO sense of that. i was really disappointed. the guy said he had been doing it for 25 years, but he had no idea what a freaking Anniversary Dance was, and he totally fucked that up. plus he played freakin Muzak for when the parents were getting introduced. whatever.

The florist was amazing. i met with him once, told him what i wanted. then i changed my mind COMPLETELY. and he met with me again, and i told him what i wanted. and boy, did he deliver. i don't think i could have been happier with the way the flowers turned out. amazing. he even stuck around at the synagouge so he could see me all dressed! he was great.

the limo was awesome. the guy who owns it is my sort-of uncle, and he really went above & beyond for us. we didn't realize this, but he was SO sick that whole day. he wasn't inside at the ceremony - he was outside, puking. i felt so bad when i found this out... but man, he did a great job for us.

i love that salon. period.

and the reception hall was amazing. i was SO pleased with everything they did. the staff was super nice and really accomodating.

all in all, i loved our wedding. i don't think i would do anything different. i got a lot of compliments on the decor - folks loved that it was really simple. i heard a lot of "simple and classy".

Alison, the woman who manages the catering hall, even told me that she thinks that our wedding was one of the most gorgeous ones she has put on there. they do 5 weddings a weekend when it's busy!! what a compliment. i generally went cheap & simple - our "card box" was a huge apothocary jar with a lid that i tied a big fat brown ribbon on. it was gorgeous. folks loved that our centerpieces were edible - i heard that there was a little bit of arguing over who would take them home! i was even told by some of the catering staff that 1) my dress was the most gorgeous she had seen, and 2) our music was by far the best music played at any wedding they had worked. wahoo!

we had a lot of fun. we danced a lot, but we were also able to mingle a lot with our guests. our friends all got along really well... it was just a really good time.

i think the most amazing thing about the day (aside from getting married) was that we had ALL of our folks in the same room. together. everyone in that room cared about us and was there, celebrating our marriage. amazing! it was truly amazing.

Things I made: the bridesmaid jewelery, Jason's kippah (yarlmuke or however you spell it), the programs, i glued every single ribbon on every single votive at the reception, tissue packets, ring bearer pillows.. other stuff, too, i don't remember.

so there ya have it. it's a bit scatterbrained, and it's taken me the better part of a day to post this, but there ya go. hope you enjoyed. :)


Jan. 6th, 2008 06:02 pm (UTC)
Your dress is stunning! I loved reading about your wedding. I've never been to a Jewish wedding before, so it was interesting to have some of the details explained. You are right - Jewish weddings do look like lots of fun! Congrats!
Jan. 6th, 2008 06:26 pm (UTC)
thanks! i LOVE my dress. i had already purchased a dress when i tried this one on, and i just KNEW this one was it. so i uh, returned the other one. haha.

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