October 2007 Weddings

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Welcome to October 2007 Weddings!

This is a community for anyone planning or attending a wedding in October 2007. Although there are no "rules", all we ask is that you simply use common courtesy when addressing others. This community is here specifically to help us plan so we can compare timelines, see what stage everyone else is in with their planning, and to share information, tips, money savers and creative ideas!

Feel free to share any stresses you may have, and of course be sure to post when you've found your dress, booked your reception hall, or picked out your wedding band...it will make the rest of us realize that we need to get crackin' as well! By the way, we LOVE pictures of all of the above as well!

***Please post extremely long entries behind an LJ Cut, along with any pictures!***

When you are a new person posting please fill this out...


Fiancé's name:
Fiancé's age:
Role in wedding:
Location of wedding:
Wedding date:
Why did you pick this day?:
Wedding details (theme, size, formality, etc.):
How you met:
Was it "love" at first sight?:
What do you love MOST about your fiancé:
Do you have a wedding journal/website?:
Anything else?
Pictures: (please post behind a cut!)

*Although the community is checked on an almost daily basis;
All members are advised to regularly update as soon as possible if they have made a date change. The current list is always available on the community's info page(here). If there is any sort of problem concerning a user's date or name, the user must report it to the maintainer kissed_n_broken immediately to be changed. Thank you.

(please notify a maintainer if you are not listed)

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